Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pick of the Week: Witch Mountain - South of Salem

I've been meaning to write this for a long time, but you know how it goes when you've got work and all of that. Better late than never, though, and now I've the time, and a good time it is, too.

South of Salem, Witch Mountain's second full length album, originally self-released on vinyl, later re-released on CD by Profound Lore, is a doom metal album. And a damn fine one at that. This is doom, no frills.

Inevitably lumped together with the likes of Jex Thoth, Witch Mountain have an ageless doom sound (as opposed to the retro boom currently going strong), brilliant, groovy riffs, and the whole thing crowned with the powerful voice of Uta Plotkin makes this my album of the year 2011.

The only negative side about the album is that it's too short (which is somewhat improved upon on the CD version, with a bonus track), much like this text I'm writing. But what do you need words for when you've got music like this? If bluesy doom is your thing, South of Salem should definitely be, nay, will be your thing too. Go to Witch Mountain's bandcamp page, and get it either as a name-your-price download or on CD (and if they are sold out, try Profound Lore Records). And hopefully there will be a repress of the vinyl in the future.

Witch Mountain also have a new album on the way, which I'm awaiting eagerly.

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