Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vinyl odyssey

Two years ago I wrote in my Finnish blog about how Reverend Bizarre's posthumous vinyl splits had made me, despite my initial reluctance, start collecting vinyl in addition to cds. Two years have passed and nowadays I think I buy more vinyl than cds and my collection has expanded quite a bit.

Therefore, in the beginning of June, I decided to spin through my collection, all within this month. 22 days later (and 8 days to go) I'm very nearly finished with the 12-inches I own and still have ten-inches and seven-inches to go.

During this task, I've fondled the sleeves of the albums and gained an even greater respect for this format. The damn cool covers aside, they seem to sound better than cds, whether it's all in my head or not. And at least some albums have benefited from a new mastering for vinyl, such as Katatonia's Dance of December Souls, which was released on vinyl last year by Svart Records. I've also managed to gather a collection of fairly excellent records. I just really love the things, that's all.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Crane Wife

Every now and then I like to listen to music that isn't so heavy. One such album I've listened to a lot lately is The Crane Wife by The Decemberists.

I'm just quickly typing this to say it's a brilliant album. Folk rock in the vein of I have no idea who, since I don't listen to folk rock that much. Full of catchy melodies and the singer's voice has a very nice timbre to it. You should listen to this album if you generally give a damn about my recommendations.