Thursday, April 2, 2009

The expectation of new albums

Lately I've been expecting new albums from My Dying Bride, Mastodon and Isis, to name a few. The former two have already come out and I've already got them in my record collection and the latter I've already pre-ordered as well. Since all these bands are kinda big in my book, I'm typing this to communicate the feelings with which I've been waiting for these albums to come out.

My first reaction on hearing about these coming releases was joy. After all, it'd been a while, though by no means an eternity, since the previous albums came out. However, this soon changed into indifference and passive waiting. As teasers were posted into myspace and albums leaked, I decided I'd wait until I can get my hands on the physical release knowing that I'd buy them despite a teensy bit of doubt being born when following certain conversations concerning the albums.

The ones who prefer the early work of Mastodon and Isis seem to be bent on bashing the new albums as being too soft. These people I also seem to find are the majority of those who've voiced their opinions, while there are those too, who value the new albums the best the bands have ever made. For me Blood Mountain and In the Absence of Truth were the first Mastodon and Isis albums respectively and perhaps for that reason I've never been able to deem them bad albums in any way, but in spite of this the puritans' "Hurrrr, shit!" opinions mixed a spoonful of doubt into my eager expectation.

And as for My Dying Bride, while largely ignored in the conversations I followed, being an older band they've already released their best work (in my opinion) in 1993. Therefore my stance in expectation was that the new album would not be revolutionary but it would suffice if it was at least good. I was both concerned and relieved when thinking about their previous effort A Line of Deathless Kings, since at first it was a bit of a letdown for me, but later opened up and turned out to be excellent. Still, I was aware that I'd need to buy the new album, come whatever may.

So, was the wait worthwhile? I wouldn't know about Wavering Radiant due to it not having come out yet, obviously. Instead, I'm awaiting it with heighted expectations, since I pre-ordered it last night (a nice way to boost the personal eagerness, the same goes for Khanate's Clean Hands Go Foul which I hope will find its way here this week). And even though it's difficult to know what my opinion will be later on, based on just a few listens, I think My Dying Bride's For Lies I Sire is a solid album. Mastodon's Crack the Skye caused reactions a bit more varied. There's a lot going on in there that I like but also a lot that I could do without. Then again I suppose it just takes a few more listens to get into it.

P.S. The next things to wait for (so far at least) are full-lengths from Spiritus Mortis and The Puritan. Also the new Wolves in the Throne Room is probably out already, so regarding that I'm waiting to afford it.

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