Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Shitallica, Metallicocks, Metallicunts... There must be thousands of these around. Metallica has, this side of y2k, raised lots of emotions, both positive and negative, but has hardly left cold anyone with an eye on the world of heavy music (bullshit! There are zounds of those who just don't care). A common topic in the last couple of years has been the band's previous studio outing St. Anger, which was a regular couple of turds coated with vomit. Therefore yours truly has little or no expectations whatsoever regarding Metallica's new album Death Magnetic, of which I still haven't heard a single note. Some people do say it's "the best Metallica since 1991" but this hardly says anything, since Metallica's 1991 outing Metallica aka "The Black Album" was the beginning of a long and hard downhill for the band, though I personally did like the album back when I was 15.

In IRC conversations I've recently been hearing a lot of comments such as "Metallica sucks ass!" and "Lars can't play for shit!" every time Metallica is mentioned. Yours truly thinks, though, that while a band is only as good as their latest record (which would have made Metallica utter shite after St. Anger came out) Metallica's back catalogue contains some splendid records from 1984 to 1988. And however lousy Lars is and has always been, the bigger picture is what matters and it did work in the older recordings. And (to begin yet another sentence with 'and') because it is hard to top the shittiness of St. Anger, I've decided, despite the rubric, to give Death Magnetic a chance some day. It will not have the power to move me, though, because my years of Metallica-fandom are ancient history.

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