Saturday, July 16, 2011

Albums I grew up with, part 1: Type O Negative - World Coming Down

It was in May of 2000 that I bought this album, from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, shortly before heading off to Crete. 12 years later, I'm all grown up and yet the record stays the same.

Well, not exactly the same. As I've gotten older, my musical tastes have changed. Of the albums I listened to back then, World Coming Down is probably the only one I still listen to with any regularity. If anything, I like the album even better than 12 years ago. I've also learned to recognize musical styles better, and have realized that World Coming Down was the first doom metal album I ever heard.

Over the years, I've gone and bought all the other Type O full-lengths, and, while I've liked the hell out of their earlier works (I was so fucking bored of both the albums that came out after World Coming Down), none of them has, for me, been the solid gold, brilliant effort World Coming Down is. It still remains my absolute favourite Type O Negative album.

I recall Peter Steele saying in an interview that World Coming Down was a darker album than the rest of their catalogue, because he was going through some difficult shit at the time of writing and recording. I have to say, he managed to turn that shit into something beautiful, something grand. For this I will forever respect him immensely. May he rest in peace.

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